Remember that hackathons are like marathons. Some people go to compete, but most people take part to better themselves and have fun. Whatever the reason you're at a hackathon, make sure you're upholding the HACKER SPIRIT by collaborating with other teams, helping beginners, and having fun.

Date: 29th, 30 and 31st March, 2022

Duration: Vigyan 2.0, Hackathon 2022 duration is 48 hours

Venue: GUIITAR Council, Anvikhsa, GSFC University, P.O. Fertilizer P. O. Fertilizernagar, Vadodara - 391750, Gujarat, India

Event: Offline and Online


  • Students of Schools/Colleges/Universities from all backgrounds, genders, and geographies are welcome. There is no age restriction to attend the Vigyan 2.0 Hackathon 2022.

  • An Undertaking is compulsory to submit during registration on the letterhead of School/College/University.



You may choose problem statements from https://www.sih.gov.in/sih2022PS or in line with the theme "Vanishing Carbon Footprints" or any Novel idea that can solve problems of society, industry & institute at large


You may choose problem statements from https://www.sih.gov.in/sih2022PS or in line with the theme "Vanishing Carbon Footprints" or any Novel idea that can solve problems of society, industry & institute at large


  1. The team nomination and idea submission begins on 17th February, 2022 and ends on 02:00 P.M. 27th March, 2022.

  2. Post Idea submission process, the ideas will be evaluated by the organizer and the selected team will be notified on 27th March, 2022 through email.

  3. Vigyan 2.0 Hackathon 2022 event date: 29th, 30th and 31st March, 2022

  4. Result Declaration: 31st March, 2022.


  • School: Rs. 1000/- per team (Maximum 5 students)

  • College/University: Rs. 500/- per team

  • The fees will not be returned at any circumstance after registering for the event


  • Teams can consist of a minimum of one (1) and maximum of seven (7) members for Offline participation and a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of seven (7) for Online participation in Hackathon 2022. Each team can also include one mentor and the presence of the mentor is not compulsory.

  • All team members should be from the same School/College/University; no inter-School/University teams are allowed. However, members from different branches of the same School/University are encouraged to form a team.

  • Maximum (2) team members out of seven should be present at the event Offline Mode. Leaving the venue for some time to hack elsewhere is fine. For Online Mode all team members shall be present through Google Meet at the given time slot for demonstration.

  • The name of the Team and the name of the Teammates must be specified as per School/College/University ID’s records.

  • Team Registration: www.bit.ly/Hack2022

  • After Team registration and fees are paid we will share the link for Synopsis Submission to the Team Leader Email Id.

Idea Submission

  • The Team leader must submit a synopsis on www.bit.ly/Ihack2022 in a word or pdf format (Maximum 3 pages) Click here to download; the unregistered team will not be entertained in any case.

  • A team can submit multiple entry for the Vigyan 2.0 Hackathon 2022 by paying fees per Problem Statement.

  • Teams that have not submitted the idea will be automatically disqualified


  • Evaluation criteria will include solution approach to the problem, complexity, technology & innovation, execution, user experience and potential for future work progression

  • Already implemented ideas can be used but extra points will be given to original and innovative ideas



1st Prize: Rs. 10,000/-

2nd Prize: Rs. 7,500/-

3rd Prize: Rs. 5,000/-


1st Prize: Rs. 15,000/-

2nd Prize: Rs. 10,000/-

3rd Prize: Rs. 7,500/-


  1. Support under Students Startup and Innovation Policy (SSIP 2.0) by Education Department, Govt. of Gujarat and GSFC University:

    • Up to Rs. 2.50 lakhs for PoC/Prototype Development

    • Patent/Industrial Design/Copyright/Trademarks etc. support up to Rs. 75 for Domestic and Rs. 1.50 lakh for other countries

    • Infrastructure, Mentoring, Networking, Co-working space etc. support

  2. Support under GUIITAR Council, Nodal Institute recognized by Industries Commissionerate, Govt. of Gujarat for start-up support:

    • Seed support: Up to INR 30.00 lakh per startup.

    • Sustenance allowance: INR 20,000 per month per approved startup for one year up to INR 2,40,000, INR 25,000 in case of at least one-woman founder / Co-founder per month per approved startup for one year up to INR 3,00,000.

    • Skill development: Up to INR 1.00 lakh per approved startup.

    • Assistance to enroll and participate in the Acceleration program: Up to INR 3.00 lakh per approved startup.

    • Assistance for social impact: Up to INR 10.00 lakh for startup having a significant impact on society.

    • Infrastructure, Mentoring, Networking, Co-working space etc. support.


  • Travel and accommodation costs will be bear by the team

  • The Mentor may guide teams via skype/phone/video-chat during Hackathon 2022 Offline and Online mode

  • Teams must stop hacking once the time is up

  • Teams can be disqualified from the competition at the organizers' discretion. Reasons might include but are not limited to breaking the Competition Rules, breaking the Code of Conduct, or other unsporting behaviour.

  • The decision of the Organizers on all matters relating to the Hackathon, including the eligibility of Participants and the selection of the winners, is final and no correspondence will be entertained. In case of any discrepancies, the final take shall lie with the organizers.

  • The Organizers reserve the right to amend these Conditions of Participation at any time at its absolute discretion without any further notice, including but not limited to the eligibility terms and criteria, the selection of winners, the timing of any act to be done and all Participants to this Hackathon shall be bound by these amendments.

  • The terms and conditions of the Hackathon Rules are subject to change at any time, including the rights or obligations of the Maker/Participants, and the Organizer will post the terms and conditions of the amended Official Rules on the Hackathon page. To the fullest extent permitted by law, any amendment will become effective at the time specified in the posting of the amended Official Rules or, if no time is specified, the time of posting.

  • If at any time before the deadline, a Maker/Participant or prospective Maker/Participant believes that any Official Rule is or may be unclear or ambiguous, they must submit a written request for clarification.

  • The final decision on the number of winners eligible for Prize money will be decided by the organizers.

  • For any kind of mentoring related to the Hackathon, the participants can email the details to guiitar@gsfcuniversity.ac.in

  • The Team should follow the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Government and organizer during the event.


Your Submission and all components thereof must:

  • Be your (or your Team) original work product;

  • Be solely owned by you or your Team with no other person or entity having any right or interest in it; and

  • Not violate the intellectual property rights or other rights, including but not limited to the copyright, trademark, patent, contract, and/or privacy rights, of any other person or entity.

  • A Maker/Participant may contract with a third party for technical assistance to create the Submission provided the Submission components are solely the Maker’s/Participant’s work product and the result of the Maker’s/Participant’s ideas and creativity, and the Maker/Participant’s owns all rights to them.

  • By entering the Hackathon you represent, warrant, and agree that your Submission meets these requirements and Hackathon Administration will be not obliged to answer or legally bound for such instances. The innovation done by the registered team will be safe utmost confidentiality will be upheld by the organizers.

  • As the jury will be a closed group no project details will be in any of the open platforms and your IP’s will be secure.


Mr. Kirankumar Parmar,

Sr. Manager, GUIITAR Council, GSFC University

9313262712 (available between 09:00 to 05:00 P.M.)