Elocution competition



The Art of Public Speaking is the art of giving power to words – to influence, inspire and transform lives Elocution Competition

Date: 29th March, 2022

Duration: 8 minutes for each participants

Venue: GSFC University, P.O. Fertilizer P. O. Fertilizer Nagar, Vadodara - 391750, Gujarat, India

Event: Offline and Online


  • Students of Schools/Colleges/Universities from all backgrounds, genders, and geographies are welcome. There is no age restriction to attend the Vigyan 2.0 Elocution Competition 2022.


  • Microbes as food

  • Microbes as Fertilizer

  • Genetically modified crops

  • Green energy clean energy

  • Green Chemistry

  • Biofuel for sustainable future

  • Polymer in day-to-day life

  • R4 (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and Regenerate)

  • Plastic Packaging: A look at its effect on environment

  • Analysis of Chemical that cause particular food allergies

  • An Understanding of Diet Soda Chemistry & Their effect on Bone Structure

  • Demand for higher Agricultural Yield

  • The use of next generation computing technology

  • Pollution as Silent Killer


  1. The team nomination and idea submission begins on 17th February, 2022 and ends on 20th March, 2022.

  2. Event date: 29th March, 2022

  3. Result Declaration: 29th March, 2022


  • School: Rs. 1000/- per team (Maximum 5 students)

  • College/University: Rs. 500/- per student

  • The fees will not be returned at any circumstance after registering for the event


  1. Evaluation criteria will include Subject matter relevance, Organized thoughts & ideas, Voice modulation, Preparation & effort and Gestures and expressions

  2. Knowledge: Understanding of the topic; research; amount of work involved in preparation

  3. Originality: Is there an interesting angle? Does the speech reflect the work of the student or was it done by a parent? Was the information synthesized or copied from a book or the internet?

  4. Organization: Is there an introduction/development of ideas/conclusion?

  5. Utilization of time: Was the speech an appropriate length? Was it the right amount of information for the given time period?


  • Speech should be on the provided topics

  • Each participant will be given 8 minutes

  • In no case participant would be allowed to read or discuss the subject with anybody

  • Travel and accommodation costs will be bear by the team

  • The decision of the Organizers on all matters relating to the Elocution competition, including the eligibility of Participants and the selection of the winners, is final and no correspondence will be entertained. In case of any discrepancies, the final take shall lie with the organizers.

  • The Organizers reserve the right to amend these Conditions of Participation at any time at its absolute discretion without any further notice, including but not limited to the eligibility terms and criteria, the selection of winners, the timing of any act to be done and all Participants to this competition shall be bound by these amendments.

  • Speech should be on the provided topics

  • Each participant will be given 8 minutes

  • In no case participant would be allowed to read or discuss the subject with anybody.

  • If at any time before the deadline, a Maker/Participant or prospective Maker/Participant believes that any Official Rule is or may be unclear or ambiguous, they must submit a written request for clarification.

  • The final decision on the number of winners eligible for Prize money will be decided by the organizers.

  • The Team should follow the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Government and organizer during the event.



1st Prize: Rs. 2,000/-

2nd Prize: Rs. 1,500/-

3rd Prize: Rs. 1,000/-


1st Prize: Rs. 3,000/-

2nd Prize: Rs. 2,000/-

3rd Prize: Rs. 1,500/-