Various efforts and achievements in science are celebrated and dialogues are held on the implementation of new technologies. Students of institutes all over the country demonstrate different science projects and the national and state-level science institutions display their latest research. The celebration also includes public speeches, radio and TV talk shows, exhibitions of science movies, science exhibitions based on different themes and concepts, events for watching the night sky, quiz competitions, debates and many more such activities.

Since, GSFC University is a student centric University and in order to ignite scientific ideas among young generation we desire to organize State Level Science Competition in our University.


  • Ignite an interest in science,

  • Inspire people, especially students,

  • Perform new experiments, and

  • Make society aware of the latest developments in science and technology.


PROGRAM Activities


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Elocution competition

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Poster competition

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Mr & Ms Brainiac

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for the participants (Students /faculty members/ accompany persons/parents/ guardians)

All the participants must abide by the following rules and regulations.

  • Registration is compulsory for participation. Registration is not complete until the application fee is received. The fee is non-refundable.

  • Number of participants are fixed from schools. (Each school :7 students including all the activities). 2 faculties may accompany their students per school.

  • Follow the COVID-19 guidelines as per Government of India during the entire duration of the event in the campus. Maintain social distancing, wear mask properly and use sanitizer/ wash your hands frequently.

  • All the participants/ visitors must carry identity card with them in the campus and produce it on demand by authority.

  • Students/ faculties/ accompany person must park their vehicles in the allocated parking area with proper lock system.

  • Professional/ institutional dress, School uniform( for school students) and behavior is expected from all the participants in the campus.

  • The purpose of the event is to recognize and commend youthful scientific talent and interest in scientific investigation..

  • Participants must set up their project, posters remain with it throughout their judging period, and remove it at the end of the day. The event Committee and organizing institute cannot be responsible for anything that is left.

  • Students are solely responsible for the security and safety of their equipment and other belongings.

  • A label must be attached to the back of the project/ poster with the student's name, telephone number, and school/ institute name, (template will be provided)

  • Commercially prepared kits or models cannot constitute a major portion of the project.

  • Refreshment will be provided.

  • The participation of students in the event is meant to be a very positive experience. All participants should follow the guidelines and use the judging rubric to avoid any problems.

  • The Organizers reserves the right (a) not to display any exhibit, and (b) to withhold any prizes for which the judges consider an adequate standard has not been reached. The Committee's decision in all matters is final.

  • The participant shall maintain the general etiquettes of presentation.

  • Late entries/ submissions will not be accepted.



Assistant Prof. - Chemistry

Co-Ordinator, VIGYAN 2.0

Dr. Saroj Shekhawat

Assistant Prof. - Biotechnology

Dr. Ankit Sudhir

Assistant Prof. - Biotechnology

Dr. Mriganka Das

Assistant Prof. - Chemistry